About us


Our goal was to create furniture that would stand out from the competition. We don't make anything like torture instruments. We want to offer you nice, soft and firm pieces to enjoy great sex on. But you might as well relax on them with a book wrapped in a blanket. The distinctive, unobtrusive design ensures that our products will look elegant in your playroom and living room.


In our portfolio you will find only furniture made entirely in the Czech Republic. We believe in the skills of local craftsmen and designers who work together to create products that will make your life more comfortable in the long term. We know with certainty that only by being close to the manufacturing process ourselves can we oversee it and offer you a quality product that will serve you for many years with peace of mind.


Our products are easily recognisable by their detailed craftsmanship, thoughtful details and premium materials. The design is very durable, as are the finishes, which are washable and easy to maintain. Overall, our products are highly durable and long-lasting.